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Responsive Drain Repairs in Surrey and South London

Wherever possible, we attempt to use non-disruptive techniques. On some projects, the scale of damage is so large, we simply have no other alternative than to use excavation in advance of subsequent drain repairs. Drain-Tec is one of the very companies serving Surrey and South London as complete drainage repair and civil engineering experts.


We have always insisted that no job is ever too big or too small for our friendly team of operatives. Every employee at our company is trained, qualified and experienced in the field of drain repairs. This allows Drain-Tec to provide one of the most detailed services in our area, meeting the needs of customers and clients throughout the South East.


As a company, we use our many years of industry experience and our expert assessment skills to recommend drain repairs that maintain safety standards and keep costs down. To ensure we provide a full and accurate diagnosis, we perform CCTV drain surveys that record digital images to DVD for the perusal of clients in Surrey and South London.


CCTV Surveys and Excavation Surveys


Prior to undertaking drain repairs, we conduct a comprehensive survey using innovative CCTV technology that can be controlled by hand, remote control or through boring. With the exception of micro-boring, images of the survey are stored on DVD to give customers a clear and understandable representation of damage to their drainage system.


It is the results of these surveys that allow us to diagnose the problem and recommend the most appropriate drainage repairs. Large-scale work almost inevitably requires excavation, allowing pipework and drains to be repaired or replaced. Our civil engineering experience makes us capable of performing drain repairs for the public and private sectors.


Covering the whole of Surrey and South London, we believe in going the extra mile for our customers. We realise that excavation work can be disruptive but wherever possible, our drainage technicians work in an unobtrusive and controlled manner. All dirt and debris is cleared at the end of each day to ensure your routines and activities are never hindered.

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